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Darlingtonia House October 10th 2014

A short video update on the small Darlingtonia House I erected this year.

Growth has been pretty good, I've already overflowed back to the greenhouses I hoped I was making room in.
Stunning Fred.
Wow! Simply amazing! :drool:
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As always, Fred, your plants look terrible.


I'm hoping things improve as I get a little experience. :-O
OMG, Darlingtonia heaven! Hmmm, it looks like you have the experience you need. The raccoons finally won and I lost my pond cobra setup this year. You are inspiring me to start over and get that going again, thank you...I think, haha.
Extraordinary! Can't wait to see them as they get older!
Hes gone MAD with Darlingtonia! :ohno:
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Nooooooooooo, they're the ones going mad :-O
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Now, these are all certified non-GMO Darlingtonia. Right, Fred?
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I'm a law abiding citizen so I couldn't possibly have GM plants
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That is truly inspiring Fred!
What kind of growing tips can you offer? Mine seems to grow for a short period in the spring, then stop for the rest of the year.
Media mixes, temps, light, water levels, humidity, etc. etc..
What's GM/GMO mean?
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Possibly the best advice I can give is to move to the UK.

I grow my Darlingtonia in shallow gravel trays, sizes from half to double tray

Just to try and clarify, here's a photo of the three tray sizes I use

Small black = Half tray
Green = Standard seed/ gravel tray
Large black = Double tray


I hope this helps

Note:- The start of the tapes are at the tray edge, it's the angle of the shot that makes them look like they're overhanging.

Colour of the trays in not important.

Media is pure live Sphagnum or Live Sphagnum/perlite depending on how much Sphagnum I have available at the time. The plants don't seem to care.

As for temperatures I did a little study last year and the raw data is here http://floridacpsociety.proboards.com/thread/784/monitoring-darlingtonia-temperatures.

I have 30 or so thermometers in the Darlingtonia house, both digital and analogue, so I have a fair idea what's happening at any time. with both air and root temperatures. Humidity I don't really monitor although there are a couple of hygrometers in there.

I flood the trays every two or three days in the growing season so the water never goes below approximately 1" (2.5cm) and in winter I keep the Sphagnum happy, never allowing it to dry.

The Darlingtonia house is positioned in the sunniest part of my garden.
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