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for those who use daphnia with your aquatics, how do you stop them all from getting killed? Ive only had them for a couple days, and now there arent as many left.
maby they all got eaten by utrics! like brine shrimp when they are mature they need circulating water or water that can cool itself i think.
well you dont need to keep them long term! just get some and put them in ur utric containers and let them dig in.
its for aldrovanda, i want them to devour the algae if it forms, not just as food
If you want to keep some daphnia alive at home you need two buckets. One for the daphnia and the second for the algea. In one add lots and lots of miracle grow. Wait a week before you get the daphnia. Once you do have the daphnia feed them from the scum bucket. Be sure to drain the scum because miracle grow is toxic to daphnia. you could also feed them yeast.

I recomend ostrocods because they are really easy to propagate and use for feeding purposes. They are very fast critters that scavange for food instead of filter feeding. Saddly all I know about them is that i intoduced them into my pond on accident. And that they live longer than the daphnia and eat ever kind of algea where as daphnia feed on only suspended algae. If you want tank cleaners that devour scum on the walls of the tank, go for river snails I have plenty of them if you want any. Be warned, they reproduce quickly and NEED a source of algae to graze on all the time.(that is if you dont mind a slight pruning here and there in your plants.)