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Da Pygmys.....

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I just put these outside for season:


Mine are doing so well on the windowsill I don't think I'll grow them outdoors any longer.
Nice collection! I've only got four (barbigera, lasiantha, omissa x pulchella, scorpioides) at the moment. Do I spy a Byblis in the pygmaea pot?
I'll have to do a big gemmae trade. I've always liked pygmy's. For a while I didn't know you could grow them outside (found out this year). Can't wait till gemmae season!
I don't grow my plants outside, I mostly grow tropicals or sub tropicals because I am not fond of having to deal with winter dormancy. My winters are too cold for all but a small number of CPs, and I like to enjoy plants all year rather than just part of it.
Pygmies are some of my favorites. I'm going to lower the photoperiod on my lights this autumn to get some nice gemmae to trade. Pygmies everywhere!
That's a stray D. indica. Both that and B. liniflora randomly germinate. I think I found something that works. Last year I had them outside, in shorter pots, in trays that allowed the water level to rise enough to drown them. I lost nearly everything. One of the above posters supplied me with a bunch of gemmae last fall and I started fresh with 32 oz drinking cups. I poked holes in the bottom and filled them with sand/peat. I had them going on the grow rack, under artificial lighting, by the glass doors, in Sterilte containers. The containers have holes along the perimeter, starting about an inch off the bottom. The top is dry, similar to what they grow in, naturally, and it's impossible for them to drown. The containers are also tall enough that the cups won't topple over. I still have to bring them inside when the temps get to be below 40 F. One of my buddies from the CP group in WNY, who has over-wintered my plants, can set them up in a greenhouse that maintains a winter temp of ~55F.