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D. whittakeri


sarracenia lover
Hi. Can anyone give me any tips on what this dew likes as far as light, temps and media. I know its a tuberous dew but thats about it:blush:. Thanks!
Try asking Snapper on FTC, he knows stuff about Tuberous dews.
Thanks PM!
Standard sand peat mix. Maybe more sand biased. 3:1 This one seems to tolerate wetter conditions than many rosetted tuberous species. Makes lots of off shoots. Temp and water wise they have grown in conditions similar to auricata and peltata
Mild winters can probably grow outside all year long. Freezing winter may want to protect and move outsid after frosts or freezing conditions are over
Thank you kulamauiman!
In my opinion whittakeri is one of the easiest tuberous dews to cultivate, particularly in its dormant stage. You can keep it bone dry or slightly moist during summer. I think it actually PREFERS slightly damp dormant conditions in that the tubers I have in that arrangement are nice and plump while the ones kept bone dry are slightly shriveled up by mid to late summer. It also is an early riser, producing above ground growth early in autumn.

The other cultural conditions in the growing season are the same as other tuberous species - cool temps (40-65f), as much intense light as you can give them, and a standard cp mix of 50/50 peat sand. I have found that they grow well in straight peat to straight sand and in everything in between. Use 1/2 gallon or larger pots.
Thank you very much Mark!
Good info on this species :) I just got given 4 seedlings growing in a smallish container with more peat than anything else Im wondering when would I be able to transplant them, they are 1 year old already and look healthy. I think they need a much larger pot though right? Also a lot of moss was growing on the top which I removed with twezzers and put a layer of sived hort sand. How long before the tubours are big enough to transplant? I presume I should wait until they have died back over the summer? Thanks for any advice.