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D. venusta not doing much of anything.

so i had this for few weeks or so. lost count. it's not dead, but it's not doing anything either. also it's not getting dews on the leaves. the RH is around 35%. i make sure the soil is always wet. using distilled water. i can see new leave coming out, sort of.. but what am i doing wrong? i had two, one of them died due to mold. i would hate to put dome on it since last one died that way.. any suggestions? other than not growing and not getting dew on the leaves, i don't think there's anyting significantly wrong.. but any sign of healthiness would help. with weather warming up and everything i would like to take it out and have it catch something soon but with no dew, i don't think that will work.
What are your growing conditions (tempertures, light, etc.)?
it stays in my study. it's around 70-75 degree F most of the days. the RH is right at the surface of pot. i put miniture hygrometer there, so it's 35%. it gets sun for around 3-4 hrs a day. it's filtered sun from south side window. it's out in the room without dome and sitting on the top of pabbles with water on it. i raise the water level when i need to water it. i mist it once a day or twice depends on how the top of the soil look and surrounding s. moss looks.

i also have ceph that is in a dome, that thing is doing great. but with D. venusta, i lost one while it was under the dome and i would hate to put it under one again.
Temperatures seem alright, but the humidity is a little low for this SA species (though I'm sure it can gt used to it).What kind of soil does it have? Most SA sundews are going to prefer more open mixes ( like 2:1 perlite/peat soil), and don't like being in constantly waterlogged soil.
for this i using 1:1 peat moss and sand all washed in distilled water.
Sand works too. I'm guessing it may need either less water (so the soil stays just consistently moist) or more light. Mine are under lights for nearly 14 hours in a day.
Everything sounds fine except light levels. Relative humidity shouldn't matter as long as it is over 20% as long as you keep the media wet. It should get around at least 4 hours of direct sunlight daily. This species will be very unhappy with insufficient light levels. When the weather warms up and you can put it outdoors in better light it should pick up.
Personally, I haven't had much luck growing D. venusta in low humidity even with sufficiently sunny conditions and moist media. My solution was to put all my pygmy drosera in a small fishbowl terrarium. Even though I don't have a lid completely sealing them off, it's made a world of difference for dew production and longevity of leaves.

In my, admittedly, limited experience growing drosera, only D. capensis tolerates humidity below 30-40%.
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have mine outside. it does well . it is a weed. seems to like cooler night temps. have never tried growing indoors
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what is the lowest temp it will tolerate? our night temp outside will be over 40 starting next week. will it tolerate temp that low?
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i changed few things. now the D. venusta is sitting on top of the water. i let the water dry out for about a day and fill up about 1/4-1/2". after start doing this, new leaves are coming out and they have dews. soon, i'll be taking it outside for some feeding.