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D. rotundifolia stratification question


Plant Whisperer
So, I ordered seeds of D. rotundifolia from a nursery owned by a well known educator in Maryland, and wanted to know if they were already stratified. I assumed they weren't and they have been on the fridge for several weeks now. I would like to know if that was a good idea, and if anyone else has germinated seed from him.
Doubt it'll be a problem one way or the other. Rotundifolia need stratification, and I did so with mine (water floated in the fridge for a few months... I completely forgot about them). My seed weren't from him, though - snagged them from the seed bank.

I'd just plant the seed, wait a bit and see what happens. I got a good germination rate out of mine. Otherwise if you're worried you could always email him to see whether they were pre-stratified or not (I would have, as you did, assumed not).
Even if stored in the fridge, it's best to give rotundifolia at least a 4 week stratification. I ended up with hundreds of plants...