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D. Regia hairy root.....?

I thought some hairy parasite had gotten past my defenses and latched itself onto the backside of my sprouts. However, upon closer inspection it would appear the sprouts are sending out a real root. It is black hairy and has a red tip heading straight for the compost. Can someone please confirm this?


concur. you should see what a mature root looks like. very hairy. sort of like my younger sister's leg....
OMG. Where's the wax when you need it?? :-D
Yep, a root, "hairy legs and all . . ."
Nice plants been looking for seed to grow and try that.

Regards :-(
Drosera Regia roots are black, and looks like dead sticks. They are great for propagation though. You could easily get 2 or 3 plants from one inch of roots
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