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D. natalensis seeds for trade

I harvested a dozen or so packets of D. natalensis seeds about two weeks ago, and have a bunch left that I'd like to trade off.

I'm not looking for anything in particular (though I'd like plants not on my grow list), and especially seeds from Utrics or Pings, as I haven't tried to germinate either of those, yet, or Neps, as I haven't had as much success with those as I'd like, and I'd like to try some new methods. If you have some extra/random packets of seeds, I'd be happy to trade for those, too.
Might could take a few. Did I see you had no angry bunnies? I could get you a small starter.
I have some D. capillaris (Alabama) white flower seeds right now. I'll have some D. intermedia 'Cuba' seeds in a week or two. I'll also have D. tokaiensis.
Anyone else? I have about five packets left.
U. sandersonii, because the flowers look like bunnies with angry expressions.
Thanks I would have never figured that one out.
Hello I have have seeds from d.burmanni,d.intermedia "cuba",and some d. spathulata fraiser island also some n.ventricosa seeds if your interested in any just PM me