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D. kaieteurensis and D. filiformis 'red' seed trade for Utricularia

Hey everyone!
I've got about 25+ Drosera kaieteurensis seeds and plenty of Drosera filiformis 'red' seeds(fast growers) available for trade. I've had really good results with germinating both of these. I'm in search of any cool Utrics that I don't have yet(growlist)

I have some Utricularia laxa and aquatically started U. humboldtii I'd be interested in trading for both.
Hey did you happen to get my PM? I sent you a message yesterday but now I don't see any messages in my sent box.
Ahh, it says your mailbox is full.
Would you happen to have photos of your kaiteurensis, that the seed came from?
sure, I will have to take some when I get home. I'll PM the photo links to you.
Thanks. :) I bought some seed last year or so, and they all turned out to be plain ol spatulata.. Real bummer.. So I just wanted to check and see what yours looked like.. I do have some utrics I could possibly trade.. I have a plethora of 'Enfant Terrible' if you'd be interested.. Didnt see it on your list..