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D.capillaris "Boiling Spring Lakes" - Mossy Girl $7

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SirKristoff is a poopiehead
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You are bidding on a bare root D.capillaris I labeled "Boiling Spring Lakes"

Bidding starts at $5
US only
Winner pays for shipping (I'll pay the shipping if winner adds a $8 donation to NASC, paid with the auction)
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Payment for this item has been received by the NASC. You may ship this item when ready!

High bidder: If you haven't already, please contact the donor directly regarding shipping arrangements, including how to pay for any shipping costs if noted in the original post. Please remember to return to this thread to note when the item has been shipped and received so that the thread can be closed appropriately.

Thanks for supporting the NASC this year! :)
Alternative delivery agreement has been reached between the buyer and seller so auction will be closed. If there is a problem, contact a mod on this forum.

Auction Closed.
Not open for further replies.