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D. Capensis Flowering Twice!?

My three Capensis albas have been flowering and I was surprised to see a new flower stock coming up while the plant was still flowering on the previous stock. Then I was amazed to see that the other two plants each had another flower stock forming! Is this normal or and extreme coincidence!?

the plants,

the current flower stalks, (sorry for the back lighting)

New flower stalk #1


If it likes it's growing conditions, it can flower year-round, nearly non-stop. It's not unusual, but can be taken as a sign that you're making it happy :)
Yeah they flower A LOT. With so much seeds being produced each year, they're taking over my collection! I've got D. capensis coming out my ears.
well, I think Ill cut the new stalks off because I want to start acclimating them to grow outdoors. and I want them to have as much energy as possible during the acclamation process.
Congratulations on the flowers. I was rather puzzled when 4 of my Drosera venusta started flowering at the same time after I transplanted them to the same pot. Maybe capensis does that too.
I'm gonna try to acclimate the plants outdoors, so I cut the new stalks off before they get too big to save the plants energy while the plants are acclimating.