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D. Capensis Flowering/Seed question


I have had this D. Capensis for about 5 months now, and this is the second time it has begun to produce a flowering stem. The first time I cut it off, as I have heard that it takes quite a bit of energy from the plant and I was uninterested (and too busy) at the time to deal with it. Now, I am fairly interested in seeing if I can cultivate some seeds from it. My main question is how to go about doing this, can I cross-pollinate flowers from the same plant and get results? Or do I need a second plant? If that's the case then I suppose I am going to have to get another. And if I can cross-pollinate, does anyone have recommendations about how to go about the process? Thanks!


Just for clarification's sake, I literally just sit back and wait for the seeds to drop off? No manual involvement of cross-pollinating? That would be awesome, and thanks so much for the harvesting guide!

I also wanted to thank you for your advice on my previous post about my new terrarium, following your advice as well as the other posts had both of my plants go from sagging and pale to crazy growth with lots of color!

One more question if you don't mind, completely different topic. Would rather not clutter up the main board, but I could just make another post. Based on the picture in the original post, would you say that the plant needs re-potting? The main stem where the new leaves are produced is about 3/4 of an inch above the soil. I read in another post browsing the forums that after a certain point it is good to re-pot to get it closer to the ground. I was planning on doing it in the next 2 months or so for fresh soil reasons, but should I drop the old stem into the soil as well when I do that? It seems perfectly happy/healthy at the moment.

Thanks again for your time!

D. capensis is often a weed in collection because it self-seeds very readily, and the seeds will go everywhere. Don't think I know anyone who's had issues with the stalks draining the plant either.... it grows too well for that.