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D.aurticulata GERMINATED! :)

finally after a long wait of 6months, my aurticulat's germinated (but only two sprouts camee out out of 15 seeds). So ahppy, kinda wierd that only 2 sprouts came out of my macrantha seeds also, and they took around the same time to germinate!
Can you give me tips on how to germinate tuberous Drosera seeds. I know how to take care of the plants though. Thank you for any info.
Drosera auriculata germinates really easy if kept cool.
It's a weed in my collection.
N.G. maybe your seed was quite old ?
But 2 is better than none :-)))))

btw, this pictures shows Dr. auriculata growing in a Darlingtonia pot (for 2 years now, it's a weed)
<img src="http://www.drosophyllum.com/Bilder/V03_auriculata01.jpg">
i just scatter the seeds on a mix of peat and sand and i placed the pot in a covered seed tray and left it in a sunny spot.
Thanks. I'll try that with my seeds.
The spot being sunny is probably why it took the seeds so long to sprout.... they like it cool, so they waited for winter when it wasn't as sunny

Anyone know the exact difference between peltata and auriculata?

i never new they liked it cool. I think aurticulata dn peltata are the same, or subspeices.
Drosera auriculata and peltata are separate taxa if you follow Lowerie, which I tend towards, vs auriculata is a sub-species of peltata per. Dr. Schlauer. Both have very good arguments. Auriculata has reniform shaped lamina on the basal rosette vs. lamina transversely elliptic (shield shaped) in peltata. Auriculata is pink flowered, peltata may be either. Seeds of the former are linear, and are ovoid in the latter. Peltata lacks adpressed leaves on the lower stem. I base my opinion on the fact that there are no natural hybrids between the two taxa, although both occur in the same range. Peltata can have pink flowers, so this is not reliable for diagnosis. The lamina and seed shape are the most diagnostic feature.
Very interesting. Those are compelling arguments for them being separate species.
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My Peltata never produces the basal rosette I hear so much about. Is this normal? All the seedlings produced by the plant do have one, I assume that they will not produce it when they mature.