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Custom Growth Chamber

Hey TF'ers I wanted to share some pics of my new growth chamber.

The goal was to use some junk material to make a new plant box for the CP's (succulents currently residing). It's amazing what you can do with old scrap.

I started with some metal shelving units found in the parking lot at my work (a little dinged up but nice for structure).


I inserted styrofoam insulation into the shelves and glued wooden boards over the insulation.


The wood boards are covered in 3 coats (some of the have 6...) of White Latex Paint and then sprayed with a protective cover. I know this isnt the most ideal water treatment but I would like to see how long it lasts against high humidity.



Next I joined several of the pieces of finished exterior to form the chamber.


I installed the hollow base and cut a hole in the back of the unit for the fan.



I also joined two pieces for a door and cut a painstaking chunk out of the center for the viewing port. Not sure who received more wear and tear, me or the sawzall : ).


2-23" Fixtures installed up top


Fast forward a week or so and the door is on (I upgraded the hinges recently).


The hatch was just something I've seen at the lab but it was a fun experiment.



Here is an inside shot of the chamber. Underneath the eggcrate is a 3inch deep area for water collection. I lined the bottom with pond liner and installed a drain pipe which runs out the bottom (Cork activated : )



(Those plants are up for trade next door...)

Here is a view through the view port.


That about does it for pictures. The chamber could easily be rigged with a misting device or humidifier or fridge unit or frozen bottles or what have you for environment control. If you have question ask away. It is late and I know this isn't a very cohesive presentation but hope it helps generate ideas.

I have yet to test temperatures and humidity and all of that. So I can post those stats later if desired.

Thanks for taking a peek,
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And I was excited to see a chamber filled with Neps... ;)

Impressive. :0o:
Yeah that looks great for just slapping some random parts together.
Nicely done, nothing like a nice DIY project. 2 thumbs up

I wish I was that talented, I would have the parts in front of me then say "now what" ???

Amazing project, and love the choice of plants
Very nicely done- it looks awesome. I guess the next step is to load it up with sundews ;)...