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Cup trap

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Hello everyone. I'm really curious about the "Cup" VFT. I think they are really neat looking and would like to get one of my own someday. I noticed that I haven't seen anybody on these forums who owns one. Why is that? Are they just really hard to come by? Are they really delicate and die more easily than other types of vft? Does anyone know where I might be able to obtain one from? Thanks.
welcome to the forums!
they're just hard to come by. you can obtain one from anyone on pft, just ask on the trading forums.
p.s.- I wouldn't reccomend this plant to a newbie, it might be harder to grow, I'm not sure, but I would invest on a typical vft or a green dragon before getting a cup trap.
good luck!
Hi Shiwolf

First off, welcome to the forums!

Just thought I'd clarify "you can obtain one from anyone on pft." That doesn't mean everyone here on the forums has a cup trap. I don't think there are very many here who do have one. They are, as mentioned, quite hard to come by as they aren't commonly cultivated. As for "PFT" as a company (Exotic Gardens), they don't carry the cup trap VFTs although they carry other very nice, healthy VFTs.

Yes, you can ask on the trade forums if anyone has one to trade or if anyone knows where to locate one.

Good luck in your hunt.

I have a baby one. Or that could be had one. It still hasn't come out of dormancy. I know that I should give up the ghost but I still have hope. I can email the guy I bought mine from and see if he has any more. But I'd suggest that you take Spectabilis73 advice and grow a cheap typical vft. After you learn how to keep it alive then you could try a more expensive cuptrap. It can be a very expensive lesson if you make a simple mistake with an expensive plant.
I had a baby cuptrap once... never made it out of dormancy.
I grow this one, and it is in fact a little more finicky than other forms, My rhizomes have a tendency to want to split into numerous smaller (and less vigorous) babies.