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critique my cephalotus soil mix

Just repotted my first cephalotus, from Borneo exotics, and potted a few leaf pulls I was lucky enough to receive from RSS.

Based on what I've read, I used a mixture about equal parts pumice, perlite and sand mixed about 50/50, and peat.

Does anyone have any cautions or suggestions? I understand that a big part of success with any media is how you water it. With this relatively open mix I keep about a half inch of water in the tray. All of the planta are partially shaded, about 20% for the established plant, 50% for the leaf pulls.
Non from me. Your plants will be your biggest critics.

In the past I used to use a small percentage peat combined with a lot of other fillers. I noticed they the less peat I used the smaller the roots became. Since then I still use other fillers but more peat. For me it seemed that my cephs were working too hard to find water so by adding more peat they didn't send out a lot of hairlike fan roots and made bigger thicker roots.

Ymmv. It's always fun to experiment. They key is to not make a lot of adjustments along the way.