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Crash course in keeping sundews... Please


All I have some baby sundews that I have growing in which I would like to keep growing that way.

So are they like VFT needed to be shut down for winter?
Stand water rain RO or distilled unless tap is used replace media after a year
Anything else I need to know please comment thanks

What species do you have? That will help out a lot.
The link is a very good resource, I go there a lot for quick tips on growing dews. Knowing which species you have though will help tremendously. I haven't found a lot of species to be super difficult but it varies.

Dormancy will depend on whether you have temperate or sub/tropical dews.

Water should definitely be low in TDS. Rain, RO, distilled, etc. will depend but I wouldn't use tap unless you're water is pretty low in TDS (< 100 is a good benchmark).