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Couple invertebrate macros..

My Mother was cooking some greens she had picked in the garden, and she found a couple snails on em. So I borrowed them and photographed them on some flowers out back...

There was this cute little dude:

And his big brother:

And the little guy again:


Then I found a Bee:


Please tell me if the photos are oversized. I think I have fixed photobucket, but not sure...

Thanks for looking,

Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing them.
Awesome pictures!! I wish my macros would come out that crisp! :)
Loved the snail shots Peat - they're such fascinating creatures!

I love in the first pic how the eye stalks look deep blue. Really Awesome shots by The way.

Love the first one Gabriel!
Thanks all! I totally forgot I made this thread...

I'm excited for spring now, because I finally got a flash for my camera, I can get more creative with my lighting...

Here's a taste of an indoor shot:


Looks much less obviously "flashy"... Which is nice.
i love the snail shots peat :D

they came out great!
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that spider shot is cool as heck!! i LOVE the bee covered in pollen!!
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Cool snails, do they multiply quickly?