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Couple eddie pics

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I finally got my good camera working

also my sarrs are finally growing..

That thing's growing great for you. Still in the same mix?
If only there was a wolf whistle emoticon on here, that thing is gorgeous!
Thanks guys :).

@mato, yep same mix. I dont think it minds it, although it has like two inches of live lfs to put roots through.
Nice plants Luca. You need more sarrs :)
You know....that eddie looks like it's mommy might have went behind the woodshed with a villosa at some point... really has some interesting features going there. Beautiful one though. :)
haha I would not mind a villosa hybrid at all :p
Amazing plant Luca. :)

OT...whoo hoo...I am a lot closer to guys right now...rockin in Boston. :D
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Beautiful plants. I love the eddy!