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Cooling System Setup for Ultra/Highlands

Mar 28, 2022
Hello my Carnivorous plant sistren and brethren. I know this topic always come to light every now and then. Is one of the most efficient ways to cooling an Exo Terra (24x24x48) by an Aqua Chiller or is there some new technology i'm oblivious about? Through my research, the Aqua Chiller may be best for me, but I'm ambiguous on how to actually set it up. Any tutorials or links anyone can share, please?

Attached are some of the items I think I may need for this type of set up. I currently have an Ikea glass cabinet greenhouse set up, MILSBO Glass-door cabinet, anthracite, 28 3/4x68 7/8" - IKEA.

Upper chamber's day temps are about 75-80, night temps are around 65-68 (I'd love to get in the mid 50s). Humidity around 80-95%.
Lower chamber's day temps are about the same, and the night temps are as well, but the humidity is about 70-80%.

I'll be sure to take some pictures. Anyways, I want to move my babies (highlands) into their new home. Any assistance is highly appreciated! You can even send me a private message if you'd like.

Happy Growings!


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Mar 20, 2014
That's way more expensive and complicated than it really needs to be. And probably not particularly effective if I had to guess. Get a powerful window AC unit with the lowest minimum temperature you can find. 60f seems to be the lowest, which is all you need for most highlanders. The pickiest plants like N. rajah, N. villosa, N. diabolica, etc. might not be happy, but normal highlanders like N. hamata, N. jamban, N. glabrata, etc. will be just fine. It's important to not have the AC directly in the tent or terrarium if you can help it though. Just keeping it in the same room, preferably directly in front of the AC.

If you need it lower than 60, apparently there's something called a CoolBot that you can use to modify a window AC to go much colder than it's built in thermostat will allow.

I initially considered doing something like this, with a chiller and water-cooling hardware, but its way more cost effective to go with an air conditioner.