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Cooling darlingtonia roots !?!!!!???

Im planing on getting a pot of darlingtonia:-O and have read you need to keep the roots COOL so how would you recomend this and also ive heard of the trickle method being good what the heck is that method and would it work to have a pump pump cool water through the soil i believe ive heard this used before and it sounds easy
which is the best method.???
I don't do anything to cool them here in N.Y. I just keep them mostly shaded and poor rainwater over them twice a day during the growing season. They're now in my fridge for the winter.
Darlingtonia don't really need cool roots so much as oxygenation. Constant water pouring through them works, but also very light, airy mixes do well for them too. Do note, however, that the coastal forms do like it cooler than mountain forms.
I keep mine in the same setup as my sarracenia - potted up in peat, sitting in a couple of inches of water, in full sun in 90F summer greenhouse heat.

They don't need any particular care or ice cube nonsense.
We'll call this a DYI Darlingtonia Bog. Pot and water basin were purchased at the dollar store for a buck a piece.


the water basin below the pot. Tough to see there, but I'm pointing out how I drilled holes in the basin to allow drainage of overflow.


I keep a bucket of rainwater on the porch just for the cobra bog. I use one scoop of rain water to flood the bog once a week. The flood doesn't take long to recede to the lower water basin. I do this for a couple reasons. 1. It keeps cool, fresh water running through the roots (weekly, but still). and 2. it replaces that week old water in the basin below (that tends to be heat up after not too long) with fresh, clean, cool rainwater. All things cobras like.. so the water basins have proved to be a beneficial lesson (milestone) to pick up this year.
Yes, it's a pic of rainwater..


One thing I have noticed.. these plants seem to burn more than color up when in direct sunlight. So they will be living out the rest of their days on the back porch getting dappled sun..
some of these are coastal, some are mountain form. I apparently forget which is which, but they're all growing pretty well mixed together.

Can Darlingtonia survive outside in winter?