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cooks Hemilphora ripoff



Be sure to buy from pft when they have them. Certianly a better deal. The above picture is of a heterodoxa x nutans.
Huh, it seems like it will do ok.

there 1/2 inch tall and i payed 14 dolalrs for it becasue i tohught it said it was 3 inche, n ot pot size 3 inches. ARG
hey timbudtwo , Actions speak better than words on a forum , give me updates on the darlingtonia bulb i gave you , I hear they are doing better and better every time i message you .
You know it may not seem like much but you know those are pretty pricey plants even the small ones! check around and you'll see that its a fair price unfortunately for us!

Tuyen thi uhhh the messanger provided by the site may work a bit better for ya and you'd be able to contact him quicker. Oh and if you realy want a quick response add a please or thank you in there. Those are great crowd pleasers and ya cant go wrong with being polite! Of course you know that and you were just in a hurry and forgot those details.....RIGHT?
We still have Heliamphora heterodoxa x minor

They are producing many mature pitches and are not the seedlings that you got

I would have to say that they have 3-6 mature pithcers and are from 3-5 inches tall. That would be pitcher size and not pot size.

There are not many left, so they are not up on the site....we always have something laying around here...you just have to ask. I can let you know what it available and what is not.

jaie@petflytrap.com Or get me through the messanger.
jaie/ and or phil, i sent exotic gardens the money for about 5 heliamphoras a week ago and still didnt getthem. Wassup? Thanks and let me know-Zach

3 days for money to get here

3 days for us to spend it <wink> - no really, we have to process an order that's not in our system (issue invoice number, do the stupid accounting stuff, etc)

3-4 days for plants to show up to you via Post office

You should have it today or tomorrow.
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This is tims whining post, no one elses, I NEED ATTENTION!
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"The above picture is of a heterodoxa x nutans."

This plant is harder to find than heterodoxa x minor, so I can understand why it would be harder to find it in a larger size.

Helis are neat and can take some time to grow into mature plants, but it is definetly worth it!
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Hey Tim, I personally like plants that are younger. My pitcher taht I got from cooks is only a little bigger then yours and I love it. You get to see them grow up. It's like having a kid. Just think your little baby is gonna grow up and get it's first mature pitcher and eat it's first big bug not to mention it'll start asking for the car and be on the phone all the time and you'll get to be there for it all. You should enjoy it before it wnats to move out.
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The only thing that I truly don't like about plants that small ( and I know that it is something special, so don't get me wrong )....is that sometimes, well...

They die.

Seedling/baby plants, if not:

1) taken care of by the owner ( that would be tim )
2) the sender doesn't take good care in paking/sending them ( that could be anyone )

Then the plant starts off at its new home on a bad foot...and sometimes, they just don't make it.

my $0.02
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You definately have a point there. I've had major problems (as you've probably read) dealing with adult plants taht I get in the mail let alone babies. I enjoy them more because I get to see them grow up but kick myself every time I lose one. It really is a give take kind of thing.