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Computer Help!

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A couple days agoo the toolbar that Google Search and others (that I don't use) disappeared. This morning, the ability to listen to music on Youtube ceased. I know I have sound because I can hear videos posted on Facebook (that aren't Youtube) I tried doing a System Restore but after several minutes of attempt a message came on stating that it couldn't be done, because of my AVG antivirus. They want me to temporarily disable it. Why is my computer causing things to stop working or disappear? I am using Windows 7 and Google Chrome.
Does the audio volume slider on your Youtube have an "X" next to it? For some reason that started happening to me when I go on Youtube, I've gotta manually turn on the volume on videos.

As far as Google toolbars, no idea, I use Firefox.
Until you can find the hidden "Search bar" just type your search into the "omnibox" instead of a URL.
There is an 'X' next to it, but clicking it doesn't do anything.

Today, all of a sudden, Google Chrome, Adobe Flash Player, and Internet Explorer, are prompting me to update. I can't tell if they are the 'real deal' or scams.

This symbol gets me to Search:
Jim Yes clicking the X itself doesn't do anything, I have to click on the audio bar and slide it over to get the volume up on Youtube video player.

I tried printing a shipping label today from paypal and had to reinstall java runtime environment to get the label to print.

Did you ever buy anything direct from Adobe.com? I got a message last week by email that Adobe was hacked and "possibly credit card data was compromised". I was prompted to reset my password and create a new one and change any other websites which might have the same log in details. None do since I only used the adobe site once to buy Photoshop. I googled it and it looked like a genuine alert from Adobe so I went to their site myself (not through an email link) and reset my password.
If the above things dont work:
1. Try removing and reinstalling adobe flash player (through control panel:uninstall programs).

2. If that doesn't work I would check what extensions you have running on Chrome you might have one that is controlling chrome.

3. Also with Chrome open check the sound mixer in the icon tray(by the clock) to make sure Chrome itself isn't I have seen that happen way too many times.

Last check in device manager to make sure you are not having driver issues. I dont think this is the issue since you can get sound other places but its worth a look.
Sounds like your browser has been hijacked. A system restore may not solve the problem. Your virus scanner should pickup some browser hijacks if it hasn't been compromised.

To do a system restore with an Anti-Virus package installed you normally have to start your system in Safe Mode and then pick the System Restore option:


I would get hijackThis, run the log and post it on one of the support groups on majorgeeks or dslreports just to make sure nothing extremely nasty is going on.
We've got AVG, and we're paying for the service. It hasn't detected any threats. I'll have to look into the other links. I'm at the library at the moment. Apparently, the Google Search was just something Chrome changed, as I am now seeing that at the library computer as well. I didn't buy anything from Adobe.
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It corrected itself. Looks like the powers that be realized they had a problem.