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CO2 in the tent

I have been doing alot of reading lately for the design of my grow tent. go big or go home right?. Any way instead of wasting money on a co2 tank regulator diffuser etc and spending agrand. I have been following some vendors that offer live mycellium cultures in bags that you hang in the grow tent and they produce co2 naturally and sometimes better than the tanks. What do you guys think about added co2 from these products will the CP's and orchids Benefit? this would be my first experience with added co2.
I just open a window at night. Is that possible in your situation?

Otherwise, talk to DonH about it. He is the only person I know of who adds CO2.
In an enclosed space, CO2 supplementation will benefit plants. Plants need CO2, light and water in photosynthesis to produce oxygen and sugars (energy for growth). In a normal grow space, plants can pick up CO2 from the atmosphere but in an enclosed space like a tightly sealed grow tent or, in my case, a converted chest freezer, CO2 levels can drop significantly throughout the day if there's no ventilation - especially if it's packed with plants.

I've also researched the culture bags but went with the CO2 tank instead for a few reasons.
1) Does not need to be replaced/refilled as often. My 10lb CO2 tank was refilled after over 10 months of use. For larger grow spaces, you can upgrade the size of the tank.
2) Can accurately regulate concentration of CO2 by using a gauge with a solenoid and a timer. Use a CO2 calculator to adjust the gauge and timer to the volume of grow space.
3) Can deliver a higher CO2 output than yeast cultures.

Disadvantage: Cost of initial setup.
there is always the DIY yeast generators.... I used one for years with a planted aquarium.

I had the recipe down to where it would last a couple weeks before I had to refill
Before I spent dollars on regulator, bottle, and getting it filed, etc.... id make sure Id taken care of my lighting, ventilation and humidty first

Don's system is sort of unique, if yours isnt as sealed the need wouldnt be as great

(and a hellva nice system it is :) )
Thanks, Butch. "Regulator" was the word I was looking for. :D