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Cloning project

My buddy is lending me his hydroponic cloner which has 36 spots for cuttings, i am only going to use about 20 spots in it so that leaves 16 spots unused (im pretty good at math :D ). If you have a plant cutting you would like cloned i would be happy to throw it in for you. I only request you pay for shipping (will vary on the plant). Pm me if you would like to add a cutting to the cloner.
Happy growing- Drew
I would like to see photos of that when you get it set up.
I should have it all set up Wednesday, ill post pics
What subjects are occupying the initial 20 slots?
Not worried about transplanting the plants from hydro to soil? My friend and I put some cuttings in a hydroponic system - they grew fast at first, but ended up crashing hard in the end.
post what happens i have a 36 hole cloner , but never tried cps in it
Just took all the plants out of the cloner this morning and all in all ill call it a success, sundews didn't do to hot i got a few viable ones but not many, darlingtonia's did prety good not alot of root growth but no losses, and pings did great i had some awesome root growth and they seem to be growing new leaves already.
i dun broke my camera :/