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Chinese Beetle infestation - help!

Hi :)
Has anyone had these beetles before? If so, how did you get rid if them?

I wasn't too worried about them eating other plants, but last night they started to eat my Nepenthes, so now they gotta go! Look what they did :(


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Half hour after sun set. That is the time they start to arrive. Stay in the field overnight until just before sunrise. Timed pesticide application good idea. Also more damage in summer. Hot humid. Sticky weather seems to trigger. Attracted to plants under stress.

If you hunt deep enough you find I did most of the work in my undergrad years on this beetle.
Thanks guys :) I went out just after the sun went down and they had almost eaten my little apple tree completely (save a few leaves). There was a bunch of them there and one on my nepenthes. I sprayed down everything with Neem which they didn't seem to like too much. I went back a couple hours later and they still weren't there. We shall see if they come back tomorrow.
The good news is I managed to catch one for my entomology class in the fall :-D