Cephs in CO

After a grand failure 4 years ago...time to start again. This time, via seeds

If you don't mind explaining/linking-to what happened 4 years ago? I've only been. Keeping Cephalotus for 1 year and I've heard that they hate life. So naturally I am nervous with the upcoming repotting. 😬
There's this thing called sudden collapse syndrome with Cephalotus, particularly a few months after a repot. That's all I have. Reasons why I could not say.
And no, seeds are not hard to germinate, they're just seasonally primed; they will tend to only sprout come winter or spring.
Sorry to hear about your loss. Interesting to see that the seedlings go straight for pitchers. Looks like you adjusted your media. What's the mix you are using now?
At least two so far have made photosynthetic leaves first as demonstrated by one photo, there's no rule for what leaves are made first. And the media I mix for all my plants is peat, perlite, and blasting abrasive, just in varying quantities judged by eye depending on what their habitat is like; Cephalotus live in well-drained sandy places generally.