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Cephalotus seed-size . . .

While digging through some photos, I came across a shot of some Cephalotus seed, both in its protective follicle and that of the naked seed itself. The scale, I would hazard, is self-explanatory. At one point, it was common to remove the seed for tissue culture purposes, since it was far simpler to clean on its own.

Thankfully, those days are as dead as disco . . .

Cephalotus follicularis "Hummer's Giant x Self"
Cool photo!
At least back in those days, the need to remove the seedcoat helped separate the men from the boys!
Only those most dedicated would get involved in such activities!
Ah, the "good" ol' days!

And while I was never a fan a disco, at least people would dress up on a Friday/Saturday night...
Whole different mindset....