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cephalotus needs to be gone!

so there was an error in my order from a local nursery and i have 2 cephalotas 'typical' plants coming in instead of just one. both plants are young, but i plant to move the smaller one on to someone else. the error could have been corrected, but i figured instead of returning it i would post around to see if any of YOU guys could use a cephalotus in your collection. i am not looking to settle for much less than the plants value. for example dont offer d. capensis since we know they are not even in the same range, that being said an offer of a big load of capensis would be roughly equal so i would be open to trade :) thanks to anyone intereted. pm me dont post here please :)
i kill them like its my job.... I promised myself I'd not try again for a while :p
haha poor myles. the guy i bought them from said the absolute best thing you could do would be to get them into naer ideal conditions and ignore them like drosera lol. he said most common reason theyre killed, overcare.
my last one died within a week of arriving without me doin anything XD hahahha just wasnt meant to be :p i wish you the best of luck!
Haha, I could send you as many capensis typical as you want and throw in a bunch of filiformis Florida Giant for the ceph. Look at my trade list and PM me if interested in anything else.
Hey i have multiple sars "random Hybrids" as purchased, i can also mix up some sundews.... prolifera, dialsianna capensis typical and albino jeese not sure i have a bunch of extras laying around let me know