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Cephalotus leaf cuttings

Checked on my cuttings and found this:



Congrats! Maybe we will be seeing some Cephs for trade soon :)

Good Growing,
I've always found that the leaf cuttings root better if placed vertically around the side of the pot. Plant them up individually when they show signs of rooting. It takes up much less space as you can get a good dozen in a 3" pot
Aww snap! Good job :D man that live LFS is so green some of those pullings blend right in. Do my eyes deceive me or is there even a pulling in the top right pot?! Ninjas..
There is a pulling in each pot, the sphagnum is just going a bit crazy and starting to hide them.
Congrats! looks great. I like to clip my moss when it outgrows the super slow cephs.
Cute sprouts! Can't wait to get my own cuttings started, about to do it today :) nice looking moss you got too!
Nice setup. Love your living LFS!