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Hey folks just testing the waters here. I have a very well established little clump of typical Cephalotus here that is growing well and beginning to produce mature pitchers. It's about the size of a silver dollar.

I'm not really sure what exactly I am looking for but things that come to mind are:

Compact, interesting Nepenthes hybrids (I mean interesting too...)

Interesting Nepenthes species

Any sort of Heliamphora

Orchioides Utricularia

Vigorous, mature, well established Dionaea

D. regia

Anything of interest or of relative value I will consider.

Depending on where you live we will have to work out and see what weather is doing and whether it will need a heat pack or not.

Dot really on you list but I have been looking to thin out my orchids the ones that I have for trade include
Oncidium ornithorhynchum
Masdevallia floribunda
Masdevallia glandulosa
Dryadella zebrina (not really a zebrina Andy said it is a new found species and he has nothing else to call it)
Platystele stenostachya
Pluerothallis cypripedioides
Bulbophyllum moniliforme
Haraella odorata
If you are interested pm me for pics
Kind of off topic but the Cephalotus you sent me is doing really well Dexenthes. It just started to put out new growth again :)
Being a Newbie(kinda),and not sure if you had any takers, I figured I'd temp you with one of my best seed grown VFT..It's really a nice growing prostrate red trapped beauty. Not sure how many plants are there,it has divided quite a few times.At least it will give me a reason to post this pic.
<a href="http://s1265.photobucket.com/user/madmacks12/media/vflytrap_zps49d1a47f.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1265.photobucket.com/albums/jj516/madmacks12/vflytrap_zps49d1a47f.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo vflytrap_zps49d1a47f.jpg"/></a>
I probably have a 'Reptilian Rose' div lying around somewhere if it piques your interest. Will check if it's dividable tomorrow.
Trade closed. Thank you for all the good offers guys.