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Center for Biodiversity

Hi Folks:

If you are looking for a cause to donate to, I have one. We have been awarded a $50K challenge grant from the Mary Morton Parsons Foundation for the Center for Biodiversity at Joseph Pines Preserve. So far we have received $3k in donations which leaves $47K more to go. We must raise our match of $50K by November 2014 or we don't get the $50K match. The total $100K is our down payment on the property and the rest will be funded by a DEQ loan. We would like to close on this deal in June 2014 but need your help to do so.

We have a convenient donate button for this cause on our main page at www.pitcherplant.org. We also have a full, detailed explanation of the project as a prospectus on our Joseph Pines link. This is a very worthy cause and will greatly expand our restoration efforts of rare native Virginia pitcher plants, and associates, not only at the preserve but in the region.

Please spread the word that we need help for this cause.


Phil Sheridan, Ph.D.
President and Director
Meadowview Biological
Research Station