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Celebrating the g'day of my intermedia...


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Hehe, at least it's one day from the day I discovered it! It's about 1.5mm tall! And still has it's seed coat.


It's easier to see it if you imagine a capital S in the yellow frame.  

Oh, thought I might as well throw in another photo...a baby spatulata! Happy finding it!

now i need some lfs
does it help quicker germination
i have a potfull of capensis and it didnt look like that when they sprouted
How long have you sow the seed? If it is one day, that is pretty darn fast germination!
ummm, sorry for the stupid question, but what is lfs? thats some fast germination! one day! did you stratify the intermedia seeds in any special way? Zongyi
long fibered sphangnum
i need to get some live lfs
Oops, so sorry. What I meant is that the seedling is one day from when I found it as a tiny green speck. So it may be 2-3 days old in reality. It's so small my dad couldn't see it. And the spatulata is about 2 weeks old.

The intermedia (fresh seed) germinated in just 7 days! And the spatulata germinated in 3 weeks.

The seeds were placed in peat/sand mix and I take them out as soon as I see a tiny bit of green, together with some of the peat.

LFS is good for these very young seedlings because of the its natural anti-fungal properties. And it keeps the surrounding humid. I haven't lost any of the seeds I "pulled" out as yet, except for d.regia which rotted a week later.