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cares of D. rotundifolia and D. anglica?

Hi everyone i have both of this plants but both of it don't grow it are like in a hibernaculum i don't know why some guy tell me that i have to put a few hours in full soun that's true?
if yuu have any of this can you tell me the cares please:-(
If they are in hibernaculum then yes, you are going to have to introduce them into to a seasonal full sun environment.

I would put the hibernacula in pure sphagnum moss, and just put them outside. Your weather should be more than enough to wake them up and start growth. Make sure two keep them moist at all times, also water with purified RO water, or rain water.
no they aren't in a hibernaculum it was growing last month
and this week don't grow anything and it looks like if they are in a hibernaculum
but there's no weather for hibernate
Oh... Huh... that doesn't sound good at all.

Pictures of what you're talking about would help a lot.
D. anglica

D. rotundifolia
Did you just receive these plants? How long have you been growing them?

The D. rotundifolia does indeed look it has entered hibernaculum. The D. anglica picture is very small and not very good, but from what little I can see it looks like it might almost be dead. ???
i recive this plants like 4 months ago the rotundifolia was growing very well i don't know what happend
and the anglica it's like that like 3 months ago
I'm really puzzled then.

What conditions have you been keeping them in?
they was with my sundews ,but i put this monday with my sarracenias
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I'm sorry but that doesn't describe how you have been caring for them:




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ooh jajaja sorry!!
lighting: before all day 50%sun/now: like 80%sun
temperature: day 68F to 82F and night: 46F to 59F
humifity: always up to 60:%
fedding: they dont eat in the time that i have because they dont grow tramps
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well good soil for these plants is about 50% peat moss 50% perlite or other good drainage, no natural soil or anything with fertilizer. bad soil (anything with fertilizer) will kill these plants. bad water will do the same. what water are you using?
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i'm using some times rain water but i use more the water that we drink
i have in pure peat moss
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The drinking water might be the culprit because it may contain "other" nutrients and salts that can be harmful to the drosera roots.

I would repot and water with distilled water, reverse osmosis water or rain water.
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hmm i have using that water for a while and i don't have any problem with any carnivorous plant :/
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In my experience drosera and sarracenia are more sensitive about water quality than others. I use drinking water for neps, drosophyllum and even cephalotus sometimes but never on drosera/sarracenia. Otherwise those two groups start showing signs of stress immediately so yeah, basically I agree with eplants02.
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but the water cames from osmosis inversa :/ that should be good for CP
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i'm using some times rain water but i use more the water that we drink
i have in pure peat moss
if its the same water you have been using then it may or may not be the problem, though drinking water typically is unsafe to use.

if you are using long fiber moss then the roots should be growing fine


if you are using 100% peat moss it may become too soggy without any breathing room

(none of these images are mine)

also in response to your first question i would say it is likely these plants like it mostly sunny to full sun all day
but may come from a region where it undergoes dormancy so if you dont provide it, theres no long term success


in response to your pictures it would appeat your d. rotundifolia has gone dormant and your d. anglica is dead.
give them much less water and more shade for a month or so in an effort to give them a brief dormancy.
this often rescues a plant on the brink if you give it optimal conditions afterwards
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wow thanks for all the info
the D. rotundifolia was growing the last month very well i can't understand why it is hibernating and there's no weather to hibernate :/
and yes i use pure peat moss, i buy some perlite but it cames with fertilizer and i cant use it