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Capensis growing leaves on its flower?

In reality, it's worse than that; it's growing flowers from its leaves on its flower. Does anyone have any idea why?
Pics would help, but flowers are only modified leaves, so under certain odd conditions they sometimes revert or turn into a mix of flower structures and leaves, often referred to as vegetative apomixis.
I"ve been getting a lot of double trap leaves on my Capensis.
But yes, let's see photos of yours.
I'm new to this website so I don't know how to post photos. Perhaps it isn't possible from a phone?
This sort of thing is called false vivipary (I certainly hope I spelled that right), and is seen in many different carnivorous plant species, albeit rarely. As hcarlton said, since flowers are just modified leaves, it is easy to see how some hormonal imbalance could cause regular leaves to become flowers, or vice versa.
Here's a photo.

Thanks Plant Planter; it does seem to be false vivipary. Thanks Bio for showing how to post photos.