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Can't Access Photobucket


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This is what I see when I attempt to log into my account:

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Try going back to the page then press and hold ctrl and shift and press r
Unfortunately, that didn't change things back to normal. Some setting must be screwed up.
I don't have photobucket so I really don't know anything about it. But if you think it's a setting, I would guess there is a default settings button that returns stuff to it's normal state. If the page that normally has images and such is showing up just as text running down the left side of the page, that tells me that either your computer is missing information from the website or not rendering it correctly. If that's the case and the above "hard refresh" didn't help. Clearing your Cache and things like that may help. If you have another browser, try loading it from there... if it works then you know it is browser related. If not, then you can start thinking it's settings.
Good luck!
Hmm, no prob accessing my PB account ....
I haven't had any problems with Photobucket except when I try to open an album it often opens an "about:blank" page. Navigating back a page and clicking on the album again always clears the problem.

I would try clearing your cookies for the site. In Firefox go to some site other than Photobucket and make sure Photobucket is not open in any tabs or copies of the brower. Go into Tools-Options-Privacy then click on the "Show Cookies" button. Search for "Photobucket" and remove one at a time each and every cookie for photobucket. Close Firefox and open it again and then try Photobucket. It should require you to login and hopefully have fixed the problem.

Internet Explorer is more difficult to selectively delete cookies. You either need a third party tool or go into the folders where these are stored. The easiest way is to delete all the cookies - Tools - Delete browsing history - delete cookies.
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I tried to do tech support to fix whatever setting I needed affect, but since I deleted the program, I no longer had an account. So I re-installed the program and attempted Photobucket, in preparation for dealing with tech support. But Photobucket came up, normally. So now I have no idea why Photobucket wasn't working.