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Canon L series 70-200mm f/4.0

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Visited my sister's cabin over the weekend and finally got a chance to take some shots with the L...
Her, her hubby and their oldest son are starting to raise deer

omg sharp is an understatement, I love this lens :-D
I was probably 30 foot from the deer




These two were relaxing under a shade tree lol

Pretty sure she said all the doe's were preggie

thanks for looking,
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lol.. just kidding. Great shots Butch!
Still loving those G3 lenses you sent. Thanks again for the hook up.
two fiddy :)

You're welcome Travis, glad they got put to good use.
They are a whole lot of bang for the buck.

Very nice photos Av!! That is an awesome lens for sure. One day I shall have one.
Great shots B. wow!! Telephoto lenses are amazing. I need to get me one of those for wildlife photography.