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Can I Grow A Nepenthe In My Fishroom/Laundryroom?


BS Bulldozer
I'm curious as to whether any Nepenthe species could survive in a room which in summer could get into the low 90s and not drop below the mid/upper 70s, and in winter normally runs daytime highs in the upper 60s with nighttime lows in the mid 50s, but could drop below 50? Humidity is never a problem here in the summer, but even winter shouldn't be a problem as there are several hundred gal of moving water in the room. Light is 100% natural in terms of photoperiod, and that's the way it stays. You should have heard my wife when I disconnected the light switch in the room I let her do laundry in! I can supplement intensity, but can't have stray light during dark periods messing with getting my fish ready to breed. So................?
Double edged sword... 90s and 70s would be perfect for lowlands, but 50s and 60s would be more highland, however I found that most of my highlanders slowed down and stopped pitchering in the winter with 60s every day and 50s at night.

You would probably need to heat the room, which I doubt would be worth it. Contrary to common belief, I have found that fish tanks actually burn the humidity out around them because of the lights... If they are hooded/canopied. So it won't add that much humidity unless you have a room full of warm, open-top tanks.

Highlanders can survive the 90s in the day for a couple days during the summer (for those who will argue, I would like to say that my HL Nepenthes and pygmies and everything survived a 105F day in the greenhouse recently when they cooler didn't come on) but they won't be able to survive 70s at night. Lowlanders could survive the 60s but 50s every night would slowly get to them.

So I would find another place or set up a terrarium in that room.