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Can anyone identify this Nepenthes?

Any guesses? Thanks!

looks like singalana x diatas maybe?
Do you know if it is a hybrid or species? Is it from seed, or is it a plant you've lost the ID tag for, or ??

It resembles my seed-grown N. bongso.
perhaps lingulata?
Thanks for the input guys.

morbus - I should have mentioned at the beginning that it was a species (or at least I bought it as such).

Paul - It's supposed to be a carunculata var. robusta so it makes sense that it looks similar to your bongso. The reason why I questioned it is because this plant has narrow leaves while robusta is supposed to have broad leaves. The peristome also looks narrower but this may be due to age. ???

Luca - It does look a bit like my young lingulata.

Don, I will see if I can get you a photo of my 2.5 year old bongso seedlings.
100% sure it is singalana.
Based on what evidence?!

The exact resemblance to mine. (EDIT: Not by color, but by pitcher shape and the fact that I've seen tons of singalana just like that)

The inside of the pitcher, the teeth, the leaves/tendrils/growth tip.
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I saw the same as pinapple
but, the peristome on singalana is wider and...longer

so, I thought diatas
the leaves are spot on for a rosette singalana
Nothing like my bongso
the leaves are actually not very common - stiff and pointy
cant speak for all bongso, but I dont think they have those ribs...?
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here are current photos of a few of my seed-grown plants of N. bongso (I'm not suggesting that is what your plant is, but I wanted to provide a frame of reference for comparison, since carunculata robusta and bongso are closely related):




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Your plant (not the picture in the previous post) looks like my… or so I though gracilima
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even the leaves are purple! Is this dark purple color normal?
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Thanks for the pics, Paul and Charlie. The more pictures I look at, the more confused I get. Lol

charlie - Your pic looks like the N. alba that CZ sells in both leaves and pitchers.

Mine looks like a combination of Paul's last 2 pics with a slightly thinner peristome and yours.

singalana? diatas? bongso? gracillima? alba? ???