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Hi all, I need advice about digital cameras. I would like one that can do closeup shots like I see on this website.

Any advice or comments will be appreciated.

Most cameras have a macro facility, but I would look for one with a minimum of 2 megapixels and a 3x optical zoom. Fuji, Canon and Nikon are good makes to go for.
A lot of Sony cameras have awesome 2cm macro features

I have got a Sony Mavica CD1000 (No Flashmemory but directly recording to CD).

If you want to see some sample photo's, please E-Mail me privately.


I have; Sony dsc-p31.
it`s pretty good camera even it doesn`t have Macro......

and pretty cheap too.
Dyflam, how many pixels it yours? And the magnification?

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All the specs are in the link...
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I like my Canon PowerShot G2 with Macro lens adapter.

Canon PowerShot G2

All my posted images were created with it.
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Don't believe that short distances should give you good macro results. Almost always "super macro" at distances like 2cm is only aviable at wideangle setting and will give you horrible distortions.
Macro should always be able at the tele-setting !
Long distance gives you better perspektive, less distortion, a better working distance and less shadows from your own lens.

There are some good English revies sites :

takes you some days to go through the stuff ;-)


Olympus also makes some good ca,ares with nice macro and good velua for your money.
Miolta has as a camera with 28(!)-200mm zoom.
Fuji's S602z is an excellent all around camera with goof macro.

they have an interetsing new development, the new 4th generation Super CCD Sensor SR.... It's not aviable now bit it sounds very inetresting, especially for plant fotography.

Decide for yourself
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Thanks, all

I take it that 3 or 4 times zoom, and 2 million pixels plus is what I need.

Talk to me if I'm wrong.

Very best regards to all.

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I use an Olympus D550 Zoom with 3MP. It seems to serve it's purpose, but I still miss my 35mm SLRs.

Dyflam, that is an incredible picture. I'm betting that that is a Tiger Swallowtail catapillar. Can't decide what is more striking, the insect or the blossoms.

It must really look great at high resolution.
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I have the Fuji 2650 (known as A204 in Europe) shown on the first page of the Imaging Resource website. Here's a sample:

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I know a couple of you have this camera, but I highly don't recommend it.  Its the Nikon Coolpix 5700.  It is ridiculously unintuitive and having to hold down one button while using another finger to spin a wheel is just plain dumb  

The Sony DSC-707 is so much better and a couple hundred bucks less.  Plus it "looks" professional while the nikon looks like a toy.  I get to use both of these at work.  I also use both of these to take super closeup plant pics.  I use the Sony whenever possible. Both cameras give me good quality pictures. The Nikon may be slightly better in this area. My biggest gripe is the ease of use and its clunkiness. Good picture quality can't make up for all its cons
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PinguiculaMan, raising Monarchs must be an interesting and beneficial hobby. I almost guessed that it was a Monarch larva but I thought their preferred food was milkweed and there is some resemblence to the Tiger Swallotail larva.
My Dad grows Anise in his garden every year for the purpose of attracting swallowtails and their offspring.