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Butterworts in Chinese culture

This is my first post, but also do not know how to add a picture.:-D

I want to put the butterworts are collected, whether in Mexico or temperate, because I found that I really love this species, they are really very feminine.

But it gets hot, I put them all on aquaculture in the fish tank, so as not to overheat, but there may be some lack of light.

Recently, some butterwort successively blossom, really beautiful.

I want to collect some butterwort from abroad, but to buy once, because on the road after two weeks, so that about half of the butterworts are dead, really very distressed.

What do you recommend businesses?冰雹:
I like the Mexican butterworts the best! I have a Lauena and a Pirouette and both are doing okay. What butterworts do you have? =D

A way to post pictures is to use imageshack or photobucket. I've been using photobucket for a long time to post pics on forums.

Not sure where to buy butterworts that ship internationally though...sorry! =(
I have five kinds of Pinguicula species, not much, but the number of very much. In China, many plants have been sold very expensive...