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Butterfly Rescue

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Found this guy floating face down in a bucket of water outside. I pulled it out (thinking it was dead) and laid it on the table to dry, then I noticed it's legs were moving, trying, I think, to clear water from it's body. I helped it out.

Butterfly Rescue 1 by the_bugman_cometh, on Flickr

It sat on my finger while I; went inside, traversed the stairs, walked under a ceiling fan (holding my other hand over the butterfly to keep it from blowing away), dug my sd-card out of the reader and popped it into the camera left-handed, went BACK upstairs, outside, and took this picture left-handed. @_@

Butterfly Rescue 2 by the_bugman_cometh, on Flickr

I finally got him onto a plant to finish drying, after a bit of a struggle (he was hugging me too hard) XD.
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Good Job!
Beautiful photos!
I agree. I find it interesting that Insects CLING to you as hard as they can when you rescue them. It makes me feel really bad when I see an earwig or fly
flopping as hard as they can in one of the sarrs or pitchers..