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I have recently received a few inquiries about availability of some of my Burbidgeaes so I figured I would make a post here to see what offers I get. Below are the three different Burbidgeaes I am willing to trade. As I stated in my post, the plants had previously gone through some shock before being shipped to me, so some of the older leaves look a little rugged. All of the newer leaves, as you can see below, are coming out very healthy and one of the plants has a small pitcher with 2 more on the way. The other two do not yet have pitchers but it shouldn't be long before they are pitchering. If you are interested in a trade, I am interested in Nepenthes only. I will consider some Heliamphoras, but as I have never grown them, my limited understanding of them is that they are fairly expensive and so it may not be worth the trade for you (since burbidgeaes only seem to go for around 20-30$). Please view my growlist before making an offer, as I would prefer a species/hybrid I do not already have. I would also prefer not to take any of the more common neps such as Judith Finn or Miranda, unless they have prominent peristome striping. Sorry for the long post, but I figured the more I explain about the trade, the more smoothly a trade will go. Thanks.


Large-ish Burbidgeae 6" Pot

Medium Burbidgeae 5" Pot

Small Burbidgeae 5" Pot