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bug invading new nepenthes talangensis x burbidgeae

newbie here.guys will live spagnum moss avoid pests from my nepenthes and how long does it take for a pitcher to inflate pictures will be given if needed.
Sphagnum moss is not an insecticide. Infact, any soil/moss generally harbours a variety of bugs...small...big...beneficial and even non-beneficial. If you have pest issues, a picture would be needed to provide the best possible solution for what will help.
Sphagnum isn't really gonna make or break whether or not you get pests. Pitchers vary in how long it takes for them to inflate. But judging by the parentage of that cross, and that one of the parents is N. burbidgeae, I imagine that it will be on the slower side of growth. I'd estimate 3-5 weeks for each pitcher.
Keep in mind that if given conditions that are less than ideal, pitchers will take even longer to inflate, or may fail to develop at all.