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Bug ID help (thrips/spider mites?)

I found these a few nights ago after photographing, and saw a few more the following day.

My camera takes decent macros, but this is the best I could do focusing on such minute insects. I don't know if these are even identifiable this young, but here's hoping. Even with a loupe I can't make a positive ID; they're less than 1mm in length.

They don't jump/hop, and they move relatively slowly and evenly, almost gliding, but they move as though they have legs (I just can't see them). Sometimes they sit in one spot and other times they're just walking around on leaves. I haven't seen them in groups (save the pic with two).

I did have thrips previously (beat back over the last couple months with Liquid Ladybug), so these could very well be thrip hatchlings.

What I'm primarily concerned with is whether or not these could be spider mites, or if anyone can say with certainty that they are not.

The plants are in my unfinished basement under T5's; I rent and unfortunately have no outdoor/window grow space atm.

Thanks for looking. :)






Since these photos were taken, I've sprinkled organic (food-grade) diatomaceous earth all over/under the grow area and directly under/around all the pots, then used a medium dilute of AzaMax (pure Azadirachtin neem + other stuff) as a drench, and a slightly stronger mix as a foliar spray after drenching.

I've also got four pyrethrins-based bombs ready to go (1/week for a month) in case no one shoots down the spider mites possibility.
size wise they are the right size for mites. but from the pics they seem to be the wrong shape to be spider mites. Could be the free living ones that normally live in the media. Do you have any other plants near by? Might be a very small plant mite (eriophyids) obligate plant parasites but they tend to be very host specific.....
I agree in regard to the shape.

This is on a grow rack with about 16 pots (edit/clarification: all of the pots are CP's). The only live plants in the house are these, in the basement. I'm treating all of them.
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