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Broken Growth Tip


Formerly known as Pineapple

When moving this plant from inside a packed terrarium of many tangled plants to my greenhouse two weeks ago, I accidentally knocked 1" off the tip of the growth point from my N. x 'Momoka'... It is insignisx merrilliana but the grower who sold it to my grew it in my conditions, highland intermediate. I got it in April and it grew well from then until now. After I broke the tip off of the growth point, it stopped growing. You can see a little divider in the growth tip -- what is that? I was thinking it might be the new leaf and the next growth tip, so I may have broken two. Why would it have stopped growing? Temperatures have been the same now as they were when I got it. What could be wrong? What can I do to help fix it? ???
Now that I think of it, it really took off during the summer at around 60F nights and it grew even better in my terrarium at 70F night and 85-90F days, that's when it put out like two new pitchers in the month I had it in there. Would it be a good idea to stick it in there for a month more to get it growing again so it can repair the growth tip? Then I can stick it back out there for winter and it can have a little grow break.
This happened to one of my neps once. It should grow back, but it will take time. I kept mine in very high humidity until I saw the new leaf coming out.
I knocked the growth tip off a plant about two month ago. Luckily I just damaged the first leaf and not the forming leaf curled inside. It appeared not to be growing for a while. It makes sense because in the time it's not growing normally, it would be opening the new leaf. I would just wait and not change the conditions because after a while, you should start to see the next leaf coming out. Looks like the "little divider" is the leaf midrib. :D
Merrillana hybrids are weird like that. Sometimes you need to do a bit of testing to see what conditions they like. Don't worry about the growth point. The plant will spit out a few broke leaves to make up for it and return to normal growth ;).
Thanks for the replies guys! I'll post updates as it grows. I hope it doesn't throw out fugly leaves, it looks so perfect as it is. :(