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Bought a VFT

I am from Singapore. Just bought a VFT today.

All my ealier CPs died and they are really costly. Would like to find out the step-by-step procedures to care for the VFT.

What to do next? Now puttin the VFT on the study table in my room with the air-con on at 25 deg celsius. The air-con only "on" at nite. Hv to switch off in morning (due to costly electric bill).

Please help. Thanks.
Welcome to the forum.

Basically VFT likes clean water (distill or rain), high humidity and wet soil mix and lots of sunlight or bright light.

There is a thread in this forum that provides a comprehensive care sheet on VFT, goes here

Welcome to the forum! It's great to have another S'porean here!

Unless your VFT is next to a window in your study room which receives lots of light, I'm afraid that your current set-up is unlikely to provide sufficient light for the VFT. You need to shift it to somewhere that receives lots of light for the VFT to grow well.

Then, u need to water the VFT using the "water-tray" method, which essentially involves placing the pot containing the VFT in a tray of water. An impt note about the water: it must not be tap water or mineral water . It can only be distilled, RO or rain-water. Boiled water doesn't work as well (though there have been users who get away with that, though it's generally not recommended).

Where did u get the VFT from? If u got it from Far east Flora, it should be potted in pure peat in a fairly small pot. That's fine -- but the recommendation is for VFTs to be potted in a mixture of 1:1 peat and sand, so as to provide for better drainage. As the plant grows bigger, u could consider repotting it in a bigger pot.

The main problem with the VFT (and other temperate CPs) is their requirement of a dormancy. I have zero experience with this, so I'll leave it to others who have to voice their views. But the general agreement is that VFTs need a dormancy to survive long-term, and the only way to do that here seems to be to put the plant in the fridge for a few mths at the appropriate time.

Any other concerns can be answered here:
Hi everyone,

Thanks for the advice. For the moment, I am quite relief that the VFT is surviving and doing well in my room.