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Botany/horticulture books


The sticky ones are my favorite.
I've been picking up bits and pieces of botany and horticulture piecemeal since I started collecting plants, but I feel like I could use a more formal introduction to the fundamentals of the science and best practices of both. I know there are some erudite people on these forums. Could anyone recommend some solid books appropriate for someone with a reasonable scientific background who wants to better understand plants in general and carnivores in particular?
We use:
'Biology of Plants' Raven, Evert, and Eichhorn
'Plant Physiology' Taiz and Zeiger
and of course, 'Biology' Campbell, Reese, and Meyers

In first (Biology), second (Biology of Plants), and third (Plant Physiology) year university botany.

EDIT: They're crazy expensive though, so I recommend hitting up your local uni library during the off season.
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