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For Sale Bioactive Substrate

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For Sale! Bioactive Substrate that is seeded with mancae (baby) Porcellio dilatatus 'Giant Canyon' Isopods. You may get some springtails too.
About a "shoe box" sized amount of Bioactive Substrate for $30.00 shipped.

Message me now!

Terms of Service
Live Arrival Guarantee:
None. Too tiny and too many to count. I don't even know how I'd offer a live arrival guarantee on these. I don't even know how DOA could be proven on such a high number of tiny inverts. However, if any mishaps happen, I must be informed within two hours of delivery and I will try to find a solution to any problems.
Refund Policy:
If something goes wrong with the USPS shipment (for example, they break the box in shipping and items inside are destroyed), I will help you with the insurance that they offer to get your money back through them. If sending replacements or a substitute , the buyer will pay for the shipping. No refunds will be given, only replacements/substitutes will be given. That said, I want you to be happy and I will do everything I can to help!