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Best way to take and root Nepenthes cuttings?


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Hey guys! I know its been a reallllly long time since my last post. I've been busy working all summer and my first semester of college has been crazy! Anyways, I am coming to you guys to see if you can help me out with taking some Nepenthes cuttings. The nep in question is a massive N. ventrata (or I believe it's a ventrata) with some vines that are spreading all over the place. The plant is located in the University of Kentucky Horticulture Club's greenhouse, which I am a member of. We have a few species of carnivores and I can tell they've been neglected for quite a few years. The neps in particular are in a desperate need of a cleanup plus repotting, and while doing so I really want to try to take some cuttings so we can get some plants to sell and educate the people who come to our greenhouse sales. So, my question falls to which would be the best method to take cuttings. I've heard that cutting lengths need to be anywhere between 2 to 4 nodes, and that only the green non-woody stems can be used. I would also like to hear everyones prefered methods for rooting cuttings.
Whats the conditions of the GH like?

For ventrata, I would take the cuttings, dip them in rooting gel and pot them up.
leave them in the GH till they grow.
They arent hard to root.
Some will tell you that you dont need rooting gel - and its true - but it speeds things up and the initial root set seems to be much better with gel. with the gel and any rooting agent I suppose - make a hole in the soil, put the cutting in and press the soil back (as apposed to filling from the top) so that you dont remove it

if the humidity in the GH is low, then bag the cuttings and put them in shade in the GH.

media used will vary person to person but I just use straight fibrous cocopeat.

they are easy and you should get roots in a month or so
Do you clip the leaves of the plant when you pot them up to reduce transpiration or just let them be?
Those are very useful! Thanks for the links!